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How to support the Resilient Ratties Series

Following on from the success of STOP Max! and Go, Lucy Go! I am reaching out for your support to help bring the rest of the books to life.  Resilient Ratties can now receive donations via GoFundMe

Why support the series?
Any donation no matter how small will move the series that little bit closer to being published and eventually the 6 books complete!  Once complete the books will teach over 12 different skills to children in order to help them understand their own emotions and how to manage them - how cool is that?! 
In a forever changing & challenging world, these skills are required more than ever in order to equip kids with life skills which may in turn reduce children's mental health hospital admissions, self-harming behaviours, other problematic behaviours and hopefully improve the relationships that they have with themselves and others.  Right now, these problematic behaviours are performed due to a lack of skills or awareness and a need to be heard and supported.  The Decider Skills which are featured in the books are being rolled out in schools across the UK via the Good 2 Go Programme, with amazing results.  

The support for the books so far has been so phenomenal and beyond my greatest expectations - I thank each and every one of you for that!
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