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Construction Managers

Support for Employees

A variety of online support packages individually tailored to suit the needs of your employee focusing on reducing absenteeism, supporting return to work and increasing productivity.


Needs Assessment


  • 1.5 hour comprehensive assessment

  • Report including action plan for both employee and employer to consider & action (provided within 3 working days of assessment)


“Presenteeism” can be costly for both an individual and an organisation resulting in reduced performance & errors leading to increasing costs to the organisation. A needs assessment can provide a pro-active plan to help improve an employee’s wellbeing.


Recommended for: Employees who may be under performing at work due to underlying mental health difficulties or who have been absent from work due to mental ill-health.

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  • 1.5 hour comprehensive assessment

  • SBAR report with return to work action plan

  • 1hr employee sign-posting session & brief introduction to well-being planning & basic coping strategies


Supporting self-management is a highly effective early intervention. Evidence suggests that taking a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace can lead to more positive outcomes for both the employee and the organisation.


Recommended for: Employees with short-term absence from work due to mental health difficulties who feel able to implement their own self-management plan.

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Enhanced 1:1 Support


  • 1.5 hour comprehensive assessment

  • SBAR report with recommendations to support return to work

  • 1x employee goal-setting session & therapy agreement

  • 4 individual therapy sessions

  • 1 review appointment with on-going action plan/return to work plan for employee & employer.


Recommended for: Employees with long-term absence or pattern of absenteeism from work due to mental health difficulties. Beneficial for employees who may be at risk of harm or who are experiencing significant levels of distress and impairment on their functioning.

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