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Self Help Resources

Lots of resources created by Resilient Minds Highland, based on the latest evidence....

Safety plan_edited.jpg

It can be really difficult to think clearly when we are right in the middle of a mental health crisis or just struggling to cope in general.  This prompt sheet helps to prepare for difficult times and serves as an instruction manual when times are difficult.

RMH PS.jpg

When faced with a problem it can be difficult to decide what to do next without making things worse.  This worksheet will help you to guide you through a problem and explore different options...

Overwhelming thoughts Infographic (1).png

Coping with Overwhelming Thoughts Infograph

A quick reference guide to help cope with overwhelming thoughts

Emotion Regulation Infograph.png

Coping with Overwhelming Emotions Infograph

A quick reference guide to coping with overwhelming emotions

reduce burnout.png

A quick reference guide to reducing burnout.


A worksheet to help plan for difficult situations.

selfcare planner.png

A worksheet to help keep track of your weekly selfcare activities.

1 (2).png

A 2 page worksheet to help identify problematic cycles of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and plan for breaking the cycle to create more positive outcomes.

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