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My Author Journey...

Me & Ginger
Ellie & Alfie! 😍.jpg
Rian, Raph (and Jinx!)
Ellie & Alfie

The Resilient Ratties Series

As I started to embed the Decider Skills into my work and home life, I started telling Rian and Ellie about the skills and even visited their school to share them with their teachers!  We had fun introducing the skills through bedtime stories about 2 rats called Max and Lucy (named by Rian and Ellie!).  As the stories developed, family and friends suggested publishing them for other children to enjoy, so that's just what I did! I entered into Fi and Books become an author Competition and Won!!!

Through the Resilient Ratties Series of children’s books I hope to introduce both children and adults to The Decider Life Skills. 

I hope readers find the books both fun and educational. They have been written and designed to help children learn alongside their parents, carers, friends and teachers in a way that they can understand, enjoy and remember. 

The ‘Let’s Learn Together’ section at the end of each book aims to open up conversations and encourage children to learn about how the skills apply to them and their surroundings, whether at home, school or playing outdoors. 


Finally… why did I choose to bring the skills to life with my cartoon rats? We have four cheeky ratties of our own! Rats are incredibly misunderstood creatures but once you get to know them, they are extremely intelligent, adaptive and resilient characters who seek social connection and relationships! So why did I choose rats?... Why not!

Look out for some Rat Facts in the books!

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