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Staff Meeting

Team-focused Support

Mental ill-health is one of the leading causes of sickness absence in the UK. Not only are there devastating human costs to mental ill-health there are also significant economical costs to employers. Taking a team approach to a mentally healthy workplace can help to reduce stigma, promote attendance, increase productivity and boost morale across the workforce


Adverse Event Processing

Accidents or significant adverse events in the workplace can lead to mental health problems such as emotional distress, stress, anxiety and sometimes PTSD.


We can offer evidence-based group interventions focused on supporting a team to process an adverse event which will reduce the risk of employees developing mental health problems.


Recommended for workplaces who have experienced a recent adverse event which is having a lasting impact on the team. Evidence suggests that early intervention is key to reducing poor health outcomes in the longer-term.

Lecture Hall Tutor


Includes a variety of online learning and interactive workshops focusing on a range of topics such as:


  • Mental Health Awareness

  • How to support others with their mental health

  • How to enhance your own health and well-being

  • How to respond in a mental health crisis - when someone expresses suicidal thoughts or engages in harmful behaviours

  • How to enhance motivation


Recommended for all workplaces who are invested in improving the mental health and well-being of their employees. Mental health awareness and training initiatives have been shown to positively impact on employee well-being and help them to feel more confident in their role when supporting others.

Online Meeting

Online Drop-in

An opportunity for staff to access confidential advice and sign-posting in relation to mental health concerns.


Designed to be pro-active, allowing staff to raise concerns about their mental health early in order to prevent a deterioration of their mental health and reduce absenteeism.


Recommended for all workplaces to help reduce stigma and promote overall mental well-being. Evidence suggests that even just talking about mental health problems in a safe, confidential environment can reduce distress and lead to more positive outcomes.

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