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Become an Author Competition

Becoming An Author

My journey to become an author was kick started by winning FiandBooks Become-an-author competition in December 2019! I never imagined that I would win the competition but figured I would give it a go and applied! My dream of becoming an author very quickly became a reality when the lovely Fi announced the winner! It was so lovely to hear that my story touched their hearts.

I submitted my manuscript on 6th January 2020 and waited excitedly! I didn't have to wait long as the very lovely Becs replied with an email packed with lots of creative ideas and enthusiasm!

I then had the very difficulty task of choosing from a variety of very talented illustrators picked by Fi and Becs. In the end, Terry was THE person for the job - he brought my characters to life, listening to my ideas every step of the way and adding his creative flare! I absolutely love Max, the main character of my first book - STOP Max!

For anyone embarking on their own journey to become an author, I cannot recommend Fi and Becs enough! They are both fantastically enthusiastic, welcoming, creative, helpful and extremely responsive - just what i needed for this very large learning curve!

With a huge thank you to Fi, Becs and Terry, my first book went from being a dream in a notebook to a lovely shiny REAL LIFE book in under 4 months!

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